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My darling readers, it is an honor for me to praise Beth Cleary. Beth…

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A grown woman and a young girl reading a book

Chores Are Not A Punishment: They Are An Investment!

As COVID-19 roared and ruled the world, I heard the cries of…

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Restore Civility to Home Training!

CIVILITY COUNTS! During the 32 years I taught vocational students, I can honestly say, I invested the greatest effort impressing the importance…

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A young African boy reading a book and answering a sheet

Civility Continued!

Parents and teachers, I encourage you to invest the time and energy to teach kids that Civility…

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Joe’s Surprise

My darling Educators and parents,  I’d like to share a conversation I…

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Positive Pandemic Parent Post!

First, I know that I have shared the plight of parents trying…

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15 minutes to Bronze

In 2013 my husband, (my coach) and I attended our first National…

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My Journey to The Senior Games

Hello, my name is Madonna Hanna and I am a Washington State…

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Let’s Move Ladies!

Happy New Year…Be a mover anywhere, anyplace and any time! That’s the…

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An Extraordinary Moment

A few weeks ago, while training at a local outdoor track, with…

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