Let’s Move Ladies!

Happy New Year…Be a mover anywhere, anyplace and any time! That’s the advice I shared at 

the first January 2021 meeting of my Saturday lady’s bible class. I suggested that after the opening prayer that we start to “MOVE”! The ladies are very aware that I am on a journey to compete in the National Senior Games scheduled for May 2022.  I am a sprinter and my events include the 50 and 100 meters. My track coach is Marcus Chambers, a TEAM USA Track and Field Olympic hopeful.

I conducted a quick fitness/ movement interview of a few members. There’s Bertha who con-fessed to walking from her front apartment door to her mail box and back into her apartment. (Gasp! No steps involved).  Connie, proudly announced she has dumbbells collecting dust in a corner of her den. Katie admitted that her daily “moving routine,” includes walking around her coffee table twice and a few turns around her kitchen table. Katie, also mentioned that she exercises by raking leaves. She secretly admits that she competing against her neighbor, to see who can fill the most bags in one hour. I’m not sure the neighbor even knows about the competition!  Then there is sweet May-Belle, who walks daily and enjoys the playful Disney-like antics of silly squirrels and bright birds she meets along her way. Just in case of liquid sunshine, Ms. May-Belle, carries a plastic rain poncho with matching pants This fashionista, gives May-Belle a fashion high-5. 

After patiently, listening, I, demonstrated the vigorous “driving” arm motion that I am expected to execute to perfection. Developing the correct form propels a sprinter forward. All members agreed that while watching my demonstration; they had worked up a sweat and were thoroughly exhausted. Oh my… at least they have agreed that “moving is a good thing!’

in the meantime, consider Moving and being a “New Mover “I ‘ll keep you in loop…

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