Sister Bruce The MVP!

I have to believe that one of the greatest sports moments I have witnessed took place last month on the dusty baseball diamond of Seward Park. It was the day of the long awaited Eastside Baptist Church picnic.  The menu boasted stacks of BBQ ribs, hamburgers, fire alarm hot links, and chicken. There was an assortment of salads and desserts. As grateful picnickers   relaxed, fellowshipped and let their food settle, there were mummers of getting a softball game together.

Most we tried to recruit begged off for various reasons: age, injuries, etc. The younger set shied away because they didn’t want to get their pricey footwear dusty and dirty.

A few brave souls ventured to the dusty diamond with an assortment of bats and gloves.

When just one more player was needed to even the teams, I approached Sister Bruce, who was  leisurely lounging in a folding chair chatting with a friend and supervising  a very active 5 year old male. I said,

 “Come Play Ball!” 

The feisty seventy-five year old sister thought for a moment and said,

“ I’ll bat, but I am not going run.”

“OK then….”

Yours truly, in true Christian spirit and fresh from double gold medals in the Washington State Senior Games, said,

“I will run for you!”


Our team was first to bat. Sister Bruce was first up. Wearing the official black blue and gold Eastside Baptist’s T-shirt, jeans, and a pair of Nikes, she squared up to the plate.

I got ready to run, but then, with a new bright twinkle in her eye, Sister Bruce declared,

“I’m going to run for myself.”

Then Sister Bruce hit a mean grounder and made first base!

Three more batters up and she crossed home plate, scoring the first run of the game.

What is more, she offered to pitch when we took the field. We came to find out that she had pitched in HIGH SCOOL some sixty years prior! Wow: a surprise ringer in the church picnic Softball game. We went on to win 9-4 and

Sister Bruce was named the Eastside Baptists’ softball MVP!

Seniors you have been following me for months. My goal was to inspire, motivate and empower you all to get up and move. Get up and walk! Get up and enjoy life! Just step up to that plate and take a swing at it!  Hurray for Sister Bruce who left her comfortable folding chair to “PLAY BALL!”

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