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Madonna Hanna Empowers Students, Educators, Parents and Leaders to Create a Culture of Civility and Success!


Madonna Hanna is a nationally recognized, award winning educator, thought leader and speaker who provides teachers, parents and administrators with the tools and confidence they need to create a culture of civility throughout school communities.

Her dynamic presentations on the topic of respect will transform conversations in the classroom, staff room and district boardroom.

Her proven communication methods increase student moral and success by creating consistent expectations of conduct throughout the school.

Expect Respect!

Madonna’s Youth Leadership Campaigns

Promote civility by addressing various forms of bullying and confronting bystander mentality. Her programs help students develop empathy and resilience by learning to celebrate the differences that make each of them beautifully unique.

Madonna Utilizes Vivid Storytelling

To engage audiences of all ages. Dynamic and inspiring, she shares personal accounts of being harassed by bullies, confronting racism as a student herself and describes the pivotal moments that empowered her to move forward. She relates challenging and often hilarious “in the trenches” moments of classroom management and parent teacher conferences. Students and educators alike will appreciate her wit and wisdom, compassion and candor.

Madonna’s keynote addresses and training sessions

Inspire hope and empower educators to take back control of the classroom. Madonna provides practical solutions for high school and junior high teachers to solve the dilemma of constant bullying, incessant swearing and disruptive behavior. She will share stories and examples that have shaped 32 years of experience as an award-winning vocational instructor.

Do not allow bullies to hi-jack your class routines!

Madonna will share how she encouraged her students to embrace civility, increasing the productivity and teamwork of her students and lessening disciplinary situations in her the classroom.

Teachers, youth leadership advisers, parents and students can be empowered to
develop a culture of civility at school!

You can respect and connect!

Teachers, youth leadership advisers, parents and students can be empowered to develop a culture of civility at school!

You can respect and connect!

Dynamic and inspiring, Madonna utilizes vivid storytelling to engage audiences of all ages at:

  • School Assemblies
  • Student, Educator, and Parent Leadership Conferences
  • Classroom Management Seminars
  • Youth Community Events

Topics include:

  • Perseverance
  • Civil Codes of Conduct
  • Effective Stop Bullying Strategies
  • Beautiful Differences -Stop Bullying Campaign
  • Flights of Fancy Fashion show-Stop Bullying Campaign
  • “Dare Not To Swear!” Campaign
  • Additional Speaking Opportunities
  • Emcee- special events in person and via Zoom
  • Key notes: A Fit and Fast Second Act- Life after retirement! As a competitive sprinter!

Speaking Experiences

Madonna Hanna, is a charismatic, highly-energetic  and entertaining speaker/storyteller. She has spoken at various educational, promotional and storytelling events for more than 30 years. When she was working in the fashion industry, she would be asked to speak about her career. As a Career and Technical Educator (Fashion Marketing), she started speaking about preventing bullying in the school environment, the importance academic of achievement and customer service. Madonna also shares her adventures of being a “mature” competitive amateur sprinter and has emceed many charity events.

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Reach Out

Madonna Hanna would love to speak at the educational, parent, and youth leadership conferences at regional, state, and national levels. She is also available to speak at senior fitness/lifestyle events and conferences. If you are interested:

Madonna Hanna with former Washington State Governor, Gary Locke, holding the Mommy, Why Are My Eyes So Big? book

Madonna Hanna is pictured with former Washington State Governor Gary Locke at a 1999 Washington State Teacher of The Year event.


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