An Extraordinary Moment

A few weeks ago, while training at a local outdoor track, with my coach Marcus Chambers an extraordinary moment occurred. Martha Mendenhall, a world class Master (senior) high jumper was also working out. Remember, I shared she recommended Marcus to coach me. Watching her from afar, she attacked each drill with precision. Martha was a true demonstration of “poetry in motion.” Later the three of us had a brief socially distanced chat on the grass…l soon realized the profound significance of that moment. l was standing between two world class athletes. Two individuals connected by their love and desire for track and field. A boomer, Martha a member of USA Masters Track and Field Team. She is a 15-time Nationals Master Champion and 4-time World Master Champion. She enthusiastically supports my efforts. Coach Chambers, TEAM USA Track &Field, Collegiate, high school, and Jr. Olympic standout is investing his time to guide me toward being a better sprinter.

A boomer and a millennial, both continuing to dedicate themselves toward reaching their world class dreams and goals.

Two individuals who are proud ambassadors of track and field. They are inspiring me and others to embrace a sport they love!

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