Mommy, Why Are My Eyes So Big?

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“Mommy, why are my eyes so big? To see the world. To see beyond the sights of others. To look into hearts to see how true they ring.”

In this poetic dialogue between mother and child, author Madonna Hanna addresses children’s concerns about the differences they perceive in themselves and others. With clarity and compassionate insight, the wise mother teaches her child to embrace the strength and beauty that each human difference imparts. Besides questioning about big eyes, the book addresses feet, hands, arm length, broad shoulder, skin color, blindness, Down’s Syndrome, and looking different from other. Madonna earned the 2003 Washington Organization for Reading Development Outstanding Author. She also received a Milken Family Foundation Festival for Youth Community Service Grant for an anti-teasing and bullying character building project “Beautiful Differences,” which is based on this book and the author’s first book Fashionshowitis: A Guide To Successful Fundraising Fashion Shows by Madonna Hanna.

This book is the perfect baby shower, Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, birthdays, grandmother’s birthday or holiday gift.
Age appropriate for elementary and middle school.

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7 reviews for Mommy, Why Are My Eyes So Big?

  1. Dana B

    “Mommy Why Are My Eyes So Big?” Is an amazing book that everyone can relate to.
    I read it with my son and many pages really hit home.
    This book was written with kindness and empathy and leaves you with so much positivity.
    Wonderfully written as well as beautiful illustrations by Christina Hashimoto.

    Dana B.

  2. Andy V.

    “I absolutely LOVED “Mommy, Why Are My Eyes So Big? What a great story with a beautiful message!”

    Andy V.-Daddy with two boys,

  3. Lee Muir

    There are some children’s books that people of all ages should read. “Mommy, why are my eyes so big?” is one that engages young children’s curiosity while reassuring them with its clear, sweet message. At the same time, it touches the hearts of adult readers with its poignant beauty. The gentle words reminded me of a voice from my own childhood, Mr. Rogers—I think he would have liked this book very much. Five Stars from my neighborhood!

    Lee Muir, Mom

  4. Doris Hughes Green

    “Madonna Hanna is an amazing writer. She’s the author of two great books that I enjoyed reading. The children’s book, Mommy, why are my eyes so big, is the best book for every parent to read to their children to understand, we are all different yet, love is the key.”

    Doris Hughes Green, Host
    Divine Diva Radio Show

  5. Becki Takashima

    “I really love this book because it highlights the message that differences are what makes each of us beautiful. Something we think that may be different about ourselves is oftentimes also a great gift that we have to put back into the universe. Usually, our differences are what allow us to give back to our community in the biggest of ways. In today’s society of wanting sameness at the expense of shaming diversity, this book is so important to remind us that differences should be celebrated.

    Madonna is such an incredible community leader and the way she gives back to her community through her speeches and acting is so inspirational. She was so kind as to share her book with me so that I was able to read it in the Facebook group, “Read with a Queen”. Her book has a powerful message that I know impacted 200 children so far who viewed it, and many more in the future as her book continues to be shared!”

    This is the link I read the book on and the date was July 15:

    Becki Takashima,
    Ms. Washington For America

  6. Mary Jane

    “Lovingly crafted with meaningful questions. The questions are asked with child-like curiosity and innocence!
    This book brings up many possibilities for parents to explain and help a child feel safe and secure in their world…
    A must-read for every parent or grandparent!”

    Mary Jane, proud Grandparent, Parent, and elementary school volunteer

  7. Teira (Dunphy) Shrader

    Madonna is bigger than life. Not only can she captivate as a teacher, and as a speaker, she is an author.
    Her book, Mommy, Why Are My Eyes So Big? celebrates differences that can not be controlled. It was a way to teach compassion, and fight in the war against bullying. I purchased two copies, one for me to read to my daughter and also virtually to my friend’s children. With the urging of family, we bought another copy for my nephew who has Down Syndrome. There is a special place in the book just for him.

    Teira (Dunphy) Shrader

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